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Yogifi smart yoga mat in different colors

Extend your scope beyond yourself

with YogiFi

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Key Features

Personal AI Trainer

AI trainer that follows YOU and delivers step-by-step posture training, real-time posture feedback and analyses your progress on balance and flexibility.

Curated Content

Curated by experts , research backed yoga, meditation, & breathing sessions with step-by-step guided audio/visual instructions.

Track your Progress

Get deeper insights into your practice through tracking Flexibility and Balance Metrics.

Apple watch integration

Collect data on your vitals during practice and track your improvement over time.

Coach Connect

Get access to our expert coaches who motivate to go beyond yourself and help you achieve your goals, based on the practice data from smart mat.

Access YogiFi App Across Devices

Android and IOS

Yogifi app

Apple Watch

Yogifi watch app

Samsung TV

Featured in

The top media and magazines across U. S.

Awards & Recognitions

How YogiFi works?


YogiFi Watch App

Play. Pause. Track

Yogifi apple watch interfaces
Yogifi apple watch interfaces

Wellness on Wrist

Short sessions of stretch (asana), breathe (pranayama) and meditate (dhyana) with mindfulness and fitness logging.

Posture Guidance

Watch connects to Smart Mat accessory to track and guide on the postures with real-time feedback and haptics.

Instant 'Pain' Management

Instant therapy upon notifications based on underlying HRV, Sleep patterns or leading indicators of stress or anxiety.

YogiFi TV App

Available exclusively on Samsung TVs

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Smart yogifi mat

What you get with YogiFi?

Why Flow with YogiFi?

Here is what you get as a holistic wellness package

Smart Mat

Think Beyond

Apple Watch Integration

Track Beyond


Embrace Beyond

AI-Powered Mobile App

Connect with Mat to Get Started

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Lighthouse yoga app with AI

A unique lighthouse yoga app with AI from India, curated content (Yoga to Meditation), and wellness programs for everyone (Beginners to Athletes).

Personal Yoga Trainer

Pair with yogifi mat to get the real time tracking and feedback which acts exactly like a personal trainer at home.

Guided Classes made to fit your needs

Guided Classes made to fit your needs

Immunity Booster

Immunity Booster

Relaxing and restoring

Relax and Restore


Meditation Classes

Weight Management

Weight Management



and many more

Daily Meditation

Various mediations for your needs to help you keep you mind and body active

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